About Maria

HI, I’m Maria.

These folks are my universe. They were the spark for this blog. They put the “mom” in Renaissance Moms. They inspire and challenge me everyday to see life from four other viewpoints that rock my world.


I had the idea for this blog just before the birth of this one. This bundle of sweetness and artistic stubborness stirred something up inside me that just had to come out.


Life has gotten a lot simpler since I started this blog.
My “about me” page has gotten a lot shorter.
It used to be filled with titles and jobs and fodder that don’t matter so much anymore.
I’ve gotten older.
I’m now almost 40.
Three kids and age have a way of giving a girl focus.

This is what life’s about now and what you’ll find here:

Writing. Just doing it. I will forever believe sharing our stories is one of the most powerful connectors we have on Earth. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember, and it took me almost 40 years to figure out that’s something I could “be” when I grew up.

Family. Being in the moment. The good, the bad and the ugly of it. Showing what the love of family is like for me in all its forms.

Spirituality. We are all here for something great. It is no coincidence. I love discovering what that is about and how our beliefs are as unique as our fingerprints. They all have some truth to teach. You’ll find the truths that speak to me here.

Friendship. Renaissance Moms exist everywhere. You’ll hear about a lot of them on this site. Those supporters and champions and mirrors of life. This site wouldn’t exist without those kind of soul sisters.

Curiosity. I’m a Gemini. That means I’m genetically restless. “Must have new experiences” would be in my personal ad. Travel. Food. Books. Films. Home. Health. Wellness. I’m into all of it. You’ll find me indulging my curiosity in all these things.

What Renaissance Moms comes down to is I believe we each have a unique light to share with this world. We each have a glimpse of enlightenment to offer if we are simply willing to hold it out there. This blog is my glimpse.

I hope you enjoy this ride of mi vida loca. I hope you share a glimpse of you back with me along the way.

Love, M


With gratitude to Michele Anderson of Pinkletoes Photography for her friendship and for the treasured images of my family on this page. You can check out more of her amazing work and her own Renaissance Mom life on her blog here.